In 2016, I made a decision to give my body the love it needed so I had some testing done and learned that I was entirely sensitive to Dairy, as in “DO NOT EAT”. Years of discomfort but not quite lactose intolerance Eventually forced me to go the non-traditional route and finally I started eliminating dairy from my diet. However I didn’t want to let go of this delicious thing called cheese because then how would I eat my favourite foods! Being the foodie that I am this was complete heartbreak, why would I be forced to give up cheese? How could this be! I questioned everything and I would suffer the consequences of not being serious enough about giving up Dairy. As Christmas Approached I told myself I would find a way to make a really good Dairy free Mac n’ Cheese and I started a Pinterest board.
TIP: If you’re becoming vegan, dairy free, trying a new lifestyle,
Pinterest is your friend.
After starting this board I found some recipes and one in particular stood out as a “ricotta” made with Almonds. Being that I’m allergic to cashews this was one of two recipes I could actually try. An so I made my first Macaroni Pie, a Trinidadian favourite and one of the most widely known southern comfort foods.. It was EPIC! My family gave their approval and I continued to make it for special occasions so I could eat JUST AS GOOD as they were. I moved on to making Lasagna because 5 dinners later I was already tired of eating the same dish lol. Let’s just say I had a second EPIC dish under my belt and the crowd had gone wild! Two great dishes in one year!
TIP: Focus on making your favorite foods first if you’re trying a new diet or lifestyle, it makes the FOMO (fear of missing out) go away.

As the holidays of 2017 approached I realized I had no sources of income since I had quit my job earlier that year. I decided Scarborough needed some more dairy free options. I started selling Lasagna and Mac & Cheese from my house and it helped out a bit. Once Christmas was officially on our doorstep, my dad asked if I could package the cheese I use so that he could pair it with wine and give it to some customers. I thought this would be a cool idea so I searched the aisles of Dollarama for containers, I worked the creative elements of Canva to make a label and I printed, packaged and delivered on my promise to my dad to get him Vegan cheese for his clients.