Back in 2015, I discovered that my body couldn't handle dairy at all. So, I decided to kick it to the curb and started exploring dairy-free options. Pinterest came to my rescue with an amazing recipe for Almond "Ricotta" that became my new best friend.

Fast forward to 2017, when I hit a low point and left my job. I found solace driving for Uber and decided to make my all-time faves: Lasagna and Macaroni Pie. I even started selling them during the holidays, dreaming of making $10k (didn't quite happen, but hey, a girl can dream). Then, my dad, who was in landscaping, asked me to package the cheese as gifts soI that he could give it to his customers.

That's when the lightbulb went off, and on February 28th, 2018, I did my first market and started selling my own creation: Almond Cheese! It was a hit! With the support of my partner, Sheldon, we expanded our flavors and even launched an online store in 2019.  We're all about listening to our amazing customers and making improvements along the way, We actually renamed the Almond Cheese to Nut-Quite Cheeze with the help of our customers! Now, we're thrilled to be back after the pandemic with exciting new products like Nut-Quite Cheeze and Patty Crust Crackers. We're so grateful for your patience and love. Stay amazing, y'all!



Eastend Vegan would not be where it is today if it wasn't for our supporters. A few have gone the extra mile to bring us forward through their amazing programs and people.
  • Thank you to Andrea and David at ACCEL, the start-up accelerator at Centennial College, who introduced us to supports that we continue to utilize
  • Thank you to Professor Padmaja Shastri and her students over the years who helped us understand our products better.
  • Thank you to Melanie Holmes and the Design Jam Team and more importantly the graduates Sakina, Clara and Humaira, who helped our company become more sustainable.
  • Thank you to AfroChic for opening up opportunities for Black Entrepreneurs like myself to access healthy competition and funding.
  • Thank you Rosalin Krieger who continues to give me a platform to speak my truth.
  • Thank you to the market managers particularly Chantel, Michelle, Billy Jo and Jennifer for treating my company as if it were your own.
  • Thank you to Wendy for giving us a space to create and grow our company.
  • Thank you to our family and friends because the love you send us replicates itself in our products!